Coupon Code Validation

Welcome to the New Cincinnati South FDAF Coupon Redemption Site. Please select the keyword in the keyword drop down box, then enter
the dealer sales code in the dealer sales code box and click on Look Up Code. This will return a list of certificates for your dealership for the
keyword that you selected.You may also enter the customer's cell phone number or the certificate number into the Dealer Sales Code box
and click on Look Up Code to find one particular customer instead of your entire list. Once you find the phone number and/or certificate
in the list you can select the update button to see the customer record. It will state the first name as "Mobile" and the last name as
"Contact". You will want to change the first name and last name to the customer's first and last name, as well as enter the address
and the postal code.

To Download Works Campaign Description Click Here (Good From July 1 - August 31, 2017)

To Download Works Campaign Claim Form (Excel Format) Click Here

To Download Brakes Campaign Description Click Here (Good From April 1 - June 30, 2017)

To Download Brakes Campaign Claim Form (Excel Format) Click Here

About The Cincinnati South FDAF Texting Program

You are still required to fax in the form to (502) 459-2955 for approval and submission for payment. If you have any questions please call questions please call
David Martin at (502) 371-3733 or toll free at (800) 996-1952. You may also email David Martin , or mail inquiries to:
4220 Bardstown Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40218
Attention:  David Martin
Dealer Sales Code,Cell Number, or Certificate Number: